Franz-Benjamin Mocnik
Professor of Space and Place in the Information Sciences
Semantics, Digital Humanities, Human Geography, Cartography, Geographical Information Science
Franz-Benjamin conducts research about the role of information in the place-making, the conceptual nature of places, and how the latter manifests itself in corresponding information.
Jonas Faria Costa
Postdoctoral researcher, associated
Social Ontology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Geography, Phenomenology
Jonas researches the concept of place and its role in the analysis of agency and sociality.
Eugen Unterberger
PhD researcher, associated
Cultural Heritage, German Studies, Corpus Linguistics, Digital Humanities
Eugen supports the development of the Corpus of Place Representations in relation to semantic aspects, textual media, and cultural heritage. In addition, he is dedicated to topics of digital mediation of cultural heritage in the Province of Salzburg.
Maia Williams
PhD researcher
Cognitive Geography, Environmental Psychology, Urban Design, Geographic Information Science
Maia is working on the processes of place identification and attachment, and the mechanisms of place change.
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