Welcome to the Space & Place LAB at the University of Salzburg, Austria!

Places are among the units we use to structure our lives. We use them to create narratives, and they are considered central to geographical explanation. They are represented in the various media, such as in texts, photographies, paintings, and film; and we share them socially in many cases. Yet, relatively little is known about what makes information about places and how to handle such type of information.

The Space & Place LAB at the University of Salzburg, Austria, focusses on questions related to a conceptual understanding of place and corresponding information. Our interdisciplinary approach targets an understanding that does justice to the complexity inherent to places.

If you have any request to the Space & Place LAB, you are welcome to contact us at mail@space-and-place.net. To contact individual members, please refer to the Team page.

Latest News

17 Jun 2024
Markus Schaffert visits our lab to advance research on spatial aspects of rural sprawl
3 Jun 2024
Jonas Faria Costa has joined the team
21 May 2024
Event series ‘music in place – place in music’ receives ‘out of the box’ award
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